Our olive garden lays on a hill side,
near the town of Spoltore.

The Gran Sasso and Maiella mountains
look upon this strip of land
and the Adriatic Sea glares at a short distance.

It was not a random choice to plant these trees
and to start this garden:

my father, my gran father, my uncles, my all family
family on my father site have been for centuries
a family of landlords.
One of my first and clearest memories is the sight
of endless cultivated fields from my room window.

Since then, nature and its eternal rhythms,
seasons coming and going,
outdoor life have been my true passion.

Thus, I wanted an activity allowing
not only making a living,
but also savoring the pleasure
for our health and for our environment.
After all, is there anything else tastier and healthier
than “an excellent olive oil”?

We have always intended to focus
on monocultivar olive oil.
This is because we wanted everybody to learn
to appreciate the precious and peculiar taste
of specific varieties.

We therefore produce three different olive oils:
Dritta monocultivar, Leccino monocultivar
and Cucco monocultivar.
Two of them, Dritta and Cucco,
are typical of this land, my native Abruzzo.

The Cucco cultivar in particular
was typical of the very costal area
where I am growing it now.
Once present everywhere in this area,
is now almost limited
to my own olive garden and a few old orchards.
This is because its fruits tend to fall
on the ground when the “garbino”
(a strong wind from the sea) is blowing.
Thus, farmers stopped to grow these olive trees,
so not to risk the harvest.

But, if you properly tend to the Cucco trees,
if you are willing to slightly sacrifice
the yield and anticipate the harvest,
if you are willing to take your chances with the “garbino”,
you will be rewarded by a very peculiar,
highly balanced, very tasteful olive oil !